église Holy Trinity - Toronto - ON - CA

A8 / A11 - The South Nave windows - Holy Trinity

A8 - Gifts from God depicts the twelve gifts. Flowers are included to symbolize fertility, while the dove with the olive branch symbolizes peace. The pomegranate seeds symbolize the bounty of food and talents God bestows upon us. The green and brown tones are associated with fertility of the earth, while the blues and yellows call to images of the sky and heavens A9 - God the Son is represented by the instruments of His Passion - the cross and crown of thorns. The tree beneath refers to ancient beliefs that the wood of the cross came from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and is meant to represent all the branches of Christianity symbolically uniting at the trunk, rooted in their belief in Jesus. The dead wood of the cross is juxtaposed with the fertility of the tree
A10 - God the Creator is represented by the yellow triangle, in turn representing the Holy Trinity. The blue, yellow, and purple olours represent royalty of the Divinity of God. The blue oval is a "body halo" that encircles Christ in many Medieval images. IT is shown symbolically empty, meaning God can not be fully comprehended in one image. Eucharistic grapes, bread, and blades of wheat symbolize the body and blood of Christ and His goodness to mankind through bountiful harvest A11 - God the Holy Spirit is symbolized by fire. This window tells the story of the Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in tongues of fire, blessing them and calling them to spread the faith. The sun, moon, and stars appear to symbolize the cosmos

  A11 - God the Holy Spirit A10 - God the Creator A9 - God the Son A8 - Gifts from God - ( 1982 )
  The windows are meant to be read from right to left when facing the South Nave wall, ( that is from A11 thru A10, A9 to A8 ). A blue line travels horizontally through the middle of all 4 windows, uniting them as a symbol of the Baptismal River, with Divine elements depicted above it and more earthly elements below. At the bottom, green and brown lines represent the foundation of life and growth in the world

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